Telegroup Infosec conference: NEW VIEW OF CYBER SECURITY

The TeleGroup Infosec Conference has been launched with the view of raising the level of information security in the region of the Western Balkans. The conference has become one of the most important IT security conferences in this part of the world. TeleGroup, an IT company operating in the segment of security technology, aims at supporting the efforts invested by the local IT associations in drawing attention of state structures and general public to information security as the most important resource of any country, and the existence of increasingly more sophisticated threats in cyber space that can jeopardize the stability of the regional economy and the society.

In cooperation with the most significant global producers of network, data, application, and Cloud environment protection, TeleGroup organized its first conference in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2011, in Serbia in 2013, and in
Montenegro in 2015. This year, the visitors will be given an opportunity to participate in the 5th Infosec Conference that will take place at the ethnolocation Vrdnička Kula in Vrdnik on 25th April. Experts from companies TeleGroup, Cisco, F5, Imperva and Radware will show companies how to reduce security risks, preserve material resources, and even more importantly, protect the reputation of their businesses.

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