Progetti bought land in the industrial zone of Sombor – Footwear factory until the end of 2017

Mayor of Sombor Dušanka Golubović and Romano Rossi, owner and director of footwear company Progetti, signed on 16 January 2017 a contract on the sale of plots of 98 acres in the industrial zone of Sombor. On this plot Progetti will, by the end of 2017, build a new factory.


– Owner of the company has the intention to move its entire manufacturing and centre, in the near future, to our city. – said Golubović. Company owner Mr Rossi, thanked the mayors for their participation and support. – This will be the most modern factory in Serbia for the manufacture of footwear, and will be among the most modern factories in Europe. – said Rossi. The contract signing was attended by the consultant and procurator of the company Progetti Ljiljana Jovanović and City Council member for the area of ​​international relations and cooperation with national and provincial authorities Goran Milić. Progetti has about 1,000 employees at its plants, and works with about 20 subcontractors – small factories from Vranje to Subotica, which provides work for another 1,500 people.

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