Promotion of book “Traditional Serbian Food and Recipes”

Promotion of book “Traditional Serbian Food and Recipes” took place at METRO HoReCa Center. This special volume presents food preparation with all its culturological, health and historical aspects, as a support to preservation of traditional and intangible cultural heritage of Serbia.

The team of authors includes: Miodrag Ilić, author of the book; Professor Dr Slađana Šobajić, author of the foreword and expert advisor; Kristina Gašpar, expert advisor and gastro-editor; Snežana Kitanović, expert advisor.

The project of collecting the traditional recipes and publishing the book Traditional Serbian Cookbook was supported by company METRO Cash & Carry Srbija, in cooperation with Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia.

As an institution we believe it is important to recognize this type of project with great significance for tourism and hospitality industry. This book is important for all those who enjoy food and history, the present and future generations both in our country and abroad. We believe that this book will motivate the restaurateurs to include some of the presented dishes in their restaurant offer. Thank you again for participating in this project”, said Tijana Maljković, Secretary of Association of Tourism at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia.

In this book, the readers will find many old dishes presently on the verge of being forgotten, very rarely available in restaurants and also rarely prepared at home.

The author put in a lot of effort to present all results of his research work to the public. The awareness that there is a significant deficiency of historical written material on food culture of the Serbian people is an additional motive for studying this topic gradually and in great detail. METRO has recognized the significance of this project which is directly connected to the activities of our company, and supported the author, Miodrag Ilić, in his quest to preserve a part of culinary heritage of our ancestors from being forgotten”, said Uroš Urošević, Head HoReCa Manager at METRO Serbia and a reviewer of the book “Traditional Serbian Food and Recipes”.

This book includes about 100 recipes from all parts of Serbia, presented by geographic regions: Northern Serbia (Vojvodina), Eastern Serbia, Southern Serbia, Western Serbia and Central Serbia. The book also includes a short review of history of food culture in Serbia and the importance of traditional methods of food preparation (baking under sač, simmering, boilding, sautéing…) for human health. The book is published both in Serbian and in English.


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