The Serbian Association of Managers (SAM) became a fully-fledged member of CEC European Managers, at a regular Annual Assembly Meeting in Mainz. Stanka Pejanović, SAM President, was elected a member of the CEC Executive Board for a three-year term at the same meeting.

The fully-fledged membership provides the SAM with an opportunity to regularly participate in CEC’s activities and use the organisation’s platform for strengthening external ties and better connection with professional managerial associations, with more than a million members across Europe. This is also a platform for joint projects within CEC’s main objectives in this three-year term“, noted Stanka Pejanović, SAM President, who participated in the Annual Assembly meeting in Mainz.

With the fully-fledged membership in this organisation, the SAM joined managerial associations of the EU members, with a very clear agenda, including the following:

  • Development of expertise and work in three areas of priority: gender equality, digitalisation and artificial intelligence, integrational solidarity and active ageing

  • Strengthening of leadership via: development of an intelligence system on leadership and management via a European database on best practices, development and exchange of managers across Europe on managerial and leadership topics through the European Managers Network

  • Contribution with more in-depth expertise to the European Social Dialogue by concentrating on the three priority areas (gender equality, digitalisation and integrational solidarity)

  • Organising periodical joint CEC member organizations meetings at European political level (including with newly elected Commission/European parliament)

At European level, CEC is one of six partner organisations from various industries recognised by the European Commission and it includes the membership of around one million managers in Europe via its national and industrial federations. It was established in 1989 by the French, German and Italian Confederations of Managers, in the aim of more active participation in European and social dialogue.

CEC European Managers President is Ludger Ramme, who is also the President of the German Association of Leaders ULA, whose term has been extended for another three years at the Assembly meeting.

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