Promotion of the 2nd Issue of “Ski Yu” Magazine at the Weekend Media Festival in Rovinj

Yesterday, a panel titled “From Generation Z to Generation Ski” was held at the Weekend Media Festival in Rovinj

The panel attracted a great deal of attention, from those present, with the speakers the director of the Olympic Center (OC) “Jahorina” Dejan Ljevnaić, and the president and founder of the Youth Sports Games Zdravko Marić, together with the moderator, president of Color Media Communications Robert Čoban, provided numerous arguments for the necessity of the “Gen Z” transformation in “Gen Sky”.

It is not news that Generation Z (born between 1996. and 2010.) as a generation of “digital natives” is largely focused on what happens on “smartphone” screens. European statistics record a few percent of skiers in the general population, especially among “millennials” and “Gen Z”. Tourism workers say that when they have money, they prefer tropical destinations while lying on the beach with a mobile phone in hand. On the other hand, we have witnessed that it is the athletes whose successes bring the most joy to the nations in the region.

How to reverse trends and turn “Gen Z” into “Gen Ski”, how to make recreational sports more attractive and “sexy” for children and teenagers. These topics were discussed by two people who are probably the most experts in this field in the region: the director of OC Jahorina, the ski resort with the greatest growth in the region, and the founder of the Youth Sports Games, which in 27 years gathered hundreds of thousands of children from Croatia, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

On the same evening, the promotion of the second issue of “Ski YU”, the regional ski magazine, was held in the garden of the most luxurious Grand Park hotel in Rovinj.

The party under the slogan “Start skiing at sea” attracted many Weekend Media Festival participants, communication professionals from the entire region, but also public figures such as actor Gordan Kičić and singer Toni Cetinski.

As I wrote in the editorial for issue 1 – I put on skis for the first time at the age of 35 and have been an avid skier ever since. That means it’s never too late!,” said Robert Čoban, president of Color Media Communications and thanked the Jahorina Olympic Center for its partnership on this joint project.

Dejan Ljevnaić, director of OC Jahorina, presented his initiative to create one ski pass that can be used at all ski resorts in the region and invited all those present to enjoy the magic of winter sports in Jahorina again this year.

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