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We are not always aware of the possible risks in our home that can have serious financial consequences. Think on time, eliminate your worries and uncertainty and insure your apartment or house on which you spent a lot of money and invested a lot of effort over the years.

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AMS Osiguranje offers movable and immovable property insurance as part of its wide product range, while household insurance is one of the most popular property insurances among our clients. By purchasing a property insurance policy, you have secured your home and things in it against risks such as fire, water spills from pipes, burglary and robbery, as well as numerous other risks, in accordance with the insurance policy terms and conditions. At the same time, you are covered against the costs that may arise if an accident in your apartment or house causes damage to neighbours’ property.

Statistics show that thefts and burglaries happen more often during the holiday season when property owners are not at home. With AMS Osiguranje you can insure your home for a shorter period of time, which can be useful while you are away.

Leave the care of your home to the professional team of AMS Osiguranje, because we always put our clients first. Due to many years of experience, we can also boast of fast and efficient payment of damages and extremely favourable insurance terms and conditions.

Come to our offices at 16, Ruzveltova Street in Belgrade or to one of over 250 of our branch offices throughout Serbia.

For more details about AMS Osiguranje’s services, please call 0800-009-009 or visit www.ams.co.rs .



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