Rade Bučevac, Marketing and Strategy Director at Lafarge Serbia: No-stress dream house

Owing to a unique approach, buying a Lafarge house is a nice, pleasant experience – from  obtaining a permit to cost control.

Lafarge offers its clients a brand new approach to building a family house which is why we are talking to the company’s Marketing and Strategy Director, Rade Bučevac.

What sets Lafarge houses apart from its competitors?

Lafarge houses are different in terms of the construction concept which entails a comprehensive approach to the goal, which is to have a home. So, we are not selling building materials through houses, but are rather focusing on the needs of our clients, particularly those issues that are the most difficult to resolve like securing the funds for the house, obtaining required documents, and completing the construction in the fastest possible way with minimum stress. By adopting this approach, house construction transforms from a stressful nightmare into a nice, pleasant experience which should be one of the happiest moments in a person’s life.

In partnership with the Societe Generale Bank, people will be able to get special financing terms. Could you elaborate on this?

What is really important to mention, when we are talking about the concept of the Lafarge house, is credit support and safety of an investment. Lafarge houses primarily provide security of investment which means that Lafarge, as one of the biggest companies in Serbia that also has the highest business and banking ratings, will support the buyer all the way through. In order to ensure that as many people as possible get a desired home, and in cooperation with the Societe Generale Bank which is one of the market leaders in the number of granted housing loans, we have prepared an offer that is rather unique on our market. The offer entails a favourable housing loan without the need to give another piece of real estate as collateral. The downpayment is 20% with the 25-year-payment period. The interest rate is 3.5% plus six-month-EURIBOR.

Apart from 9 different house types, is there a possibility of building a custom-made Lafarge house?

In addition to these 9 types of houses that we already offer, and that are known for their contemporary architectural design and simple lines, we are currently preparing a new range of family houses. Also, we can provide our clients with completely new, custom-made architectural solutions.

Which materials and construction system do you use?

We use only the top notch materials and construction systems for our Lafarge houses with the guranteed quality. Lafarge houses have a system of double pre-fabricated walls which ensure reliable, efficient and high quality construction method that is relatively new to Serbia, but well-accepted and implemented in the world, especially in Austria where it has been applied for many years now.

What is special about Lafarge houses is how quick they can be built. Thanks to a special technology which enables precision construction and controlled quality in factory environment, now it is possible to move into a new home much faster than using any other construction method. In this way, we are eliminating most of the problems that exist in residential construction in Serbia today plus we are helping people to get a new home instead of them having to battle with never-ending construction work.

How does the prices relate to the end result of this sort of investment?

Lafarge houses are the only concept on our market where buyers are given all the information they need, and where they have a clear picture about the total construction costs – from obtaining permits and buying materials to construction work and deadlines. This is the main reason why today, when people build houses, their budgets are exceed by 30%, sometimes even 100%, and this does not include breaking deadlines which is not even considered an expense in our country. If we are talking about Lafarge houses, all of the details are transparent and clear and the set budget is not exceeded.

How did the domicile market react to Lafarge houses and how is the project going to develop in the following period?

We have received very positive reactions. The sheer number of people who have contacted us and the way in which they speak about the concept of Lafarge houses just confirm the fact that the market has been long-starved for this kind of offer. The thing that had a drastic impact on the approach to construction in our country is the fact that the dilemma „shall we build legally or not“ no longer exists. We have been contacted by many clients from the world of business / company owners who find this concept liberating in a sense that they don’t have additional obligations. Also, we have quite a few interested citizens who live abroad, and who want security but are not able to be physically present during the construction. Also, there is a growing interest among investors who are envisaging building houses in suburban areas and this is where Lafarge is considered a trusted partner in the B2B world.

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