Residential Tower AFI Home Skyline Ceremonially Opened – New Standards of Exclusive Housing Defined

At the attractive opening event of the prestigious residential tower AFI Home Skyline, which was held last night, Belgrade received a new symbol of luxury housing.

The magnificent tower with 27 floors and 147 exclusive apartments that are intended exclusively for rent, represents the ultimate combination of urban style and comfort. Every detail inside the tower exudes perfect aesthetics and represents a high level of functionality, offering tenants a unique experience of living “at the top”.

“Today we proudly opened the doors of the AFI Home Skyline residential tower, presenting you with a new chapter in housing in Belgrade. In this impressive tower, every detail has been carefully designed to provide the highest level of comfort and elegance. In this way, the Skyline complex, which we have been building for the last six years, was completed, where each tower is special in its functionality and content, and the complex itself became a recognizable symbol of the city. Thank you for joining this special event, and we hope you enjoy exploring this unique space as much as we enjoyed creating it,” said AFI Europe Serbia CEO Mr. Adir El Al proudly.

The renovated “Three Keys” park, exclusive restaurants and cafes show the comprehensive attention of an investor who has proven that he highly values ​​the wishes of future tenants for a comfortable life and cares for the local community. Within the complex there is a private swimming pool and a luxurious spa and fitness center – Saruna Wellness, which make this space the perfect place for a modern urban resident who, in addition to all the amenities, is also provided with relaxation after a hard day.

The apartments within the AFI Home Skyline residential tower are equipped with Italian furniture, which enables maximum comfort and quality. This prestigious residential location in the center of Belgrade also offers what everyone needs most, which is a peaceful sleep, because they have 24-hour reception services, as well as video surveillance, professional maintenance and an underground garage on several levels.

The apartments complement the various needs of future tenants, taking into account that the square footage ranges from 52 to 226 square meters. The fantastic views from the residential units offer a special charm, because the variety of visual beauty is unsurpassed – the views extend over the center of Belgrade, Kalemegdan, to the rivers, Avala and the Temple of Saint Sava.

With the ceremonial opening of the AFI Home Skyline residential tower, the complex is finally complete, highlighting AFI Europe Serbia’s commitment to creating an inspiring environment for future tenants.

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