Rio Tinto: We are open for discussion with all stakeholders

About 80 representatives of the non-governmental sector and the general public attended today an open online meeting that Rio Tinto organized with the aim of providing all stakeholders with relevant information about the Jadar project and maintaining an active and open dialogue on issues of public interest.


The two-hour meeting focused on the process of obtaining permits for the construction of mines in Serbia,  which is the current phase of the project,  and the progress of the environmental impact assessment studies including how the public can be involved in the further development of the project.

“We are aware of the public interest in the Project Jadar.  I want to emphasize that Rio Tinto is open to discussion and ready to answer questions and concerns that NGOs and the general public may have in relation to the project,” said Vesna Prodanovic, Director of Rio Sava Exploration doo (Rio Sava), part of the multinational mining company Rio Tinto. Ms Prodanovic furthered, “since the beginning of the project, we have been working closely with all stakeholders to ensure that the project develops in a responsible manner and in the interest of all – citizens, the state and our company.”

The Director of Rio Sava also said that the company is aware of its responsibility and that it must ensure that everyone understands how Project Jadar is developing, how it will fit into the local community, how it will deal with environmental protection, and how it will contribute to the local economy, provide jobs, and contribute to Serbian society.

This open meeting was the first in a series of open meetings that the company will continue to organize every six weeks on topics related to the development of Project Jadar. The next three meetings will be:

  • June 1 – Water management within the Jadar project
  • July 13 – Waste management within the Jadar project
  • August 24 – The process of processing the mineral jadarite

For Rio Tinto, transparency, information and dialogue with all stakeholders on issues of interest throughout the project development process are of great importance. The company has so far organized over 30 meetings with representatives of the local community and the civil sector and will continue with this practice throughout the development process of Project Jadar and beyond.

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