Russia and Denmark Highest Representatives in Bačka Palanka


On the occasion of the liberation of Bačka Palanka and visit Ambassador of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Serbia, HE Mr. Alexander Chepurin and Head of Mission of the Embassy of Denmark in Belgrade, Morten Skovgaard Hansen, the company Carlsberg Serbia, along with the municipality of Bačka Palanka and the Club of Entrepreneurs organised a meeting of the most prominent businessmen of Bačka Palanka with the leadership of the municipality, provincial government representatives and ambassadors. Topics that were discussed were: connecting the Russian and Serbian economies, the situation and expectations in the economy in the territory of AP Vojvodina and the current economic and communal situation in the municipality of Bačka Palanka.

Ambasador Ruske Federacije u Republici Srbiji, NJ.E. gospodin Aleksandar Čepurin_fotografija 1

Apart from the highest representatives of the diplomatic corps of Russia and Denmark in Serbia, the meeting was attended by Nebojša Vojnović, Under Secretary of the Secretariat for Regional Development, International Cooperation and Local Government, Predrag Vuleti
ć, Provincial Secretary for Social Policy, Demography and Gender Equality, President of the Municipal Assembly, the Mayor Bačka Palanka, Deputy Mayor, and the most important businessmen of Bačka Palanka. Among those present were representatives of the company Tarkett, Maltinex and Nectar.

Obilazak fabrike Carlsberg Srbija_fotografija 3 Šef misije Danske ambasade Morten Skovgard Hansen_fotografija 2

“I’m very glad that I now had the opportunity to visit the company Carlsberg Serbia, as well as to meet with representatives of local communities and the most prominent businessmen in Vojvodina. I am confident that today’s meeting represents another step in the direction of stronger economic cooperation between Serbia and Russia” said HE Mr. Aleksandar Chepurin, Ambassador of the Russian Federation
to the Republic of Serbia. “We need to look at the perspective of Serbian exports of agricultural products to Russia, because it is important not only for this year and next year but for the next ten, twenty years,” he added.

“I am pleased that the
re is a growing interest of various Danish companies for potential investment in Serbia, and I believe that they will increase in the future” said the Head of Mission of the Embassy of Denmark in Belgrade, Morten Skovgaard Hansen. “Carlsberg Serbia for many years contributes Serbian economy and shows commitment to the local community, Hansen added

On the proposal of the Commission for medals, awards and other recognitions, the members of the Assembly of Bačka Palanka will award this year the Carlsberg Serbia “October Prize”, for contribution to the local community.


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