International studies “Economy and Finance” now in Belgrade

Faculty of Economics in Belgrade has concluded an agreement with the University of London, on implementation of the international program of basic studies of “Economy and Finance” at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade, which simultaneously provide two diplomas – one issued by the University of London (college-bearer of the London School of Economics and political science) and one issued by the Belgrade University (Faculty of Economics).

01 LSE Study Weekend 2016 Potpisivanje sporazuma

The protocol on the commencement of this programme was signed by the Dean of the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade, prof. Dr. Branislav Boričić and Academic Director of the London School of Economics, prof. Dr. Richard Jackman. “This is great recognition for the Faculty of Economics of the most prominent European School of Economics”, said Professor Boričić. Studies under this program will start from the school year 2017/18. years.


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