SAM Panel Discussion

At a panel discussion organized by the Serbian Association of Managers and the companies Hemofarm, Heineken, Ikea and Schneider Electric, the best examples of sustainable development of business practices in Serbia were presented.

The aim of this panel discussion was to raise awareness of the business community, companies and individuals in Serbia about the importance of sustainable development, active investing in people development and encourage innovation, which in turn led to progress in the company itself, but also in society. Serbian Association of Managers has launched this dialogue to emphasize the value of sustainable development as an integral part of successful business companies. “Our partners have presented today a number of examples from his practice in order to educate the wider business community about the ways of working and thinking that lead to the growth of companies and business development on the one hand, and responsible behaviour towards the community and environment on the other.” Explained Jelena Bulatović, the executive director of SAM.

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