Sberbank Serbia continues with its successful operations in 2021

Thanks to excellent business results and significant credit placements in the area of ​​cooperation with private individuals and companies, Sberbank Serbia only during the first seven months of this year made a net profit of over 11.2 million euros and already in July achieved its business and financial targets projected for the entire 2021 year.


Vladimir Bošković , President of the Executive Board of Sberbank Serbia

Speaking about this dynamic growth and achieved results, the president of the Executive Board of Sberbank Serbia Vladimir Bošković pointed out at today’s press conference that 2021 will be “certainly the most successful business year in the bank’s history.”

During the first seven months of this year, we continued to improve the quality of all our services, further streamline our business and actively support clients in all segments of their work or life. In the program of lending to the domestic companies with a guarantee scheme with the state, Sberbank Serbia approved and disbursed more than 158 million euros of loans as of July 2021 and supported more than 3,000 companies with favorable liquidity loans. Our share in the total amount of these placements exceeded 7.6 percent, which is twice as much as our share, when it comes to the value of total assets on the domestic banking market – Bošković explained.

According to him, the value of the loan portfolio in Sberbank Serbia increased by over 46 million euros in July 2021 compared to the beginning of the year, primarily thanks to good placements in the area of ​​cooperation with private individuals. At the same time, the savings of citizens in Sberbank reached a record amount of 600 million euros in July 2021, with an excellent growth trend from month to month.

“Sberbank reached a record amount of 600 million euros in July 2021, with an excellent growth trend from month to month”

The constant growth of savings in our bank confirms in the best way that our clients, i.e. legal entities and individuals, believe in the stability of our business, as well as the Bank’s firm determination to manage its depositors’ funds in a responsible manner. This is supported by the fact that the share of NPL in the total amount of loans has been kept at a historical minimum of only 3.6 percent, while the coverage of risky placements with provisions in our bank is over 61 percent – Bošković pointed out.

In the past period, Bošković emphasized, Sberbank Srbija has continued with the further digitalization of services, providing clients with the opportunity to complete a large number of transactions with our bank online, i.e. simpler, faster and more comfortable. We are one of the first banks in Serbia to join the project “My data for the bank”, enabling citizens to provide us with all the data and documentation necessary to obtain a loan in digital form through the eGovernment portal. Also, by implementing a virtual ChatBot assistant on the Bank’s website, we have provided all clients with our ongoing advisory support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Thanks to such innovations and commitment to improving customer satisfaction, more than 70 percent of clients who receive a salary in our bank in July were active users of Sberbank digital services. Speaking about numerous socially responsible projects launched by Sberbank Serbia in recent months, Bošković explained that the Bank has so far donated more than 8.2 million dinars to support domestic health institutions in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, but also that it has successfully supported some of the most important cultural, sports and environmental projects in Serbia. As part of its action “SberZeleno – 1 email = 1 tree”, Sberbank Serbia, in partnership with PE “Srbijašume” and PE “National Park Fruška gora” planted more than 23,000 trees on bare lands along the slopes of the mountains Suvobor and Rudnik, in the city of Belgrade, while during the coming autumn, similar afforestation actions will be organized on Fruška gora.

Miloš Nedeljković, Member of the Executive Board of the Bank, Vladimir Bošković, President of the Executive Board of Sberbank Serbia and Vladimir Pajović, Member of the Executive Board of the Bank

About Sberbank Serbia

Sberbank Serbia is a member of the Sberbank Europe Group with a total of 32 branches in 21 cities throughout Serbia (as of 31.12.2020).

Sberbank Serbia is a universal bank that provides all types of services and products for individuals, as well as for small, medium and large companies. Together with the expertise and focus of employees on clients, Sberbank Serbia is a reliable partner in building bridges between companies in Serbia, Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States with a comprehensive portfolio of banking services.

The main goal of Sberbank Serbia is to create value for its customers, providing simple, practical and innovative products and services. This goal will be achieved through responsible lending and with the help of talented and dedicated employees.

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