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The Network for Business Development is organising a conference with the main topics of entrepreneurship investment and leadership. In addition, the conference will address Ideas for Action which is a global initiative jointly created by Wharton School and the World Bank.

Plakat Ideje za akciju

Our main goal of this conference is to encourage young professionals and students to develop new ideas for financing and implementation of Sustainable Development Goals.

We are proud that partners of the conference include – The Ministry of Youth and Sport, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, City of Belgrade, World Bank Group, USA Embassy and UN Global Impact.

Event Details

Date: 20 May 2016 – 21 May 2016

Time: 20 May 2016 from 9:30 till 4pm; 21 May 2016 from 9:30 till 3pm

Place: City of Belgrade, Hall of Belgrade Parliament, Nikole Pasica Street number 6

This event will help participants maintain their focus on the systemic nature of the issues at hand, explore novel angles of their ideas, and establish new networks with youths and industry professionals in the development space. In addition, the intermissions will provide unique opportunities for the individual teams to mingle and to share their ideas, potentially discovering new opportunities for collaboration and cross-fertilization.

Starting in January this year, in cooperation with the World Bank office in Belgrade we have launched a global contest Ideas for Action which was initiated by the Central of a World Bank. We had over 200 participants, young people from Serbia and the contest was taking place in Belgrade, Nis, Vrnjacka Banja, Novi Sad, Cacak, in cooperation with universities. Out of the 56 proposals that arrived from Serbia three are among the 25 semi-finals, and a top 6 will present their ideas at the annual meeting of the World Bank in October and will receive funding for their projects.

Among our key speakers will be Deputy Major of Belgrade Borko Milosavljević, Đorđija Petkoski, professor at Wharton Business School, Marko Čadež, President at Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Sir Paul Judge, President at British-Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Ambassador Županjevac, SDG group of Serbian Government.

Lecture “Leading and Managing Change for Innovations” will be presented by Đorđija Petkoski, Professor at Wharton Business School. Dr. Petkoski is a Lecturer and Senior Fellow at Wharton and the founder of Global CDL. He serves as a consultant and advisor to the World Bank, World Economic Forum in Davos, the OAS, EU, ILO, national governments, and other institutions. He has engaged with over 100 MNCs with consulting experience across a broader range of industries. While at the World Bank, he managed over 340 global projects and was the founding member of the team that led the World Bank privatisation and corporate restructuring programs in Eastern Europe, Former Soviet Union, Africa, and China.

Our strategic approach to structuring this conference built-on cutting edge research and the experience of some of the most successful companies from the entrepreneurial and technology space.

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