SECOND CITY – Citizens’ initiative launched for the twinning of Novi Sad and Split

Residents of two cities, both the second largest in their respective states, both capitals of the largest province/county, both with the area code 021, both with the postal code 21,000 – launched a civil initiative for the city twinning of Split and Novi Sad

The civic initiative “The Second City” aims to develop the cultural and economic exchange of Split and Novi Sad, to strengthen the friendly ties of their residents and to create new friendships. As part of the project “The Second City”, meetings will be organized twice a year, once in Split and once in Novi Sad: cultural manifestations, conferences, concerts, guest performances, sports competitions! We expect a large number of public figures to join the initiative, as well as other citizens from both cities! Among the first to confirm participation are Ante Tomić, a writer from Split, and Aleksandar Samardžija, the owner of the famous Salaš 137 from Novi Sad,” said Robert Čoban, president of the Color Press Group from Novi Sad and one of the initiators of the “Second City” civic initiative.

Anyone who wants to join the initiative can contact the email address:

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