Second Miele Kitchen Experience takes place

Miele Kitchen Experience / Interactive Cooking made it possible to socialize with the founder of the New Balkan Cuisine concept and a friend of the Miele brand, Chef Vanja Puškar. At the event, we prepared two interesting specialities together, had fun and learned more about combining herbs, steaming and small secrets that make the cooking process easier.

Our plate featured chicken drumstick in wine and fruit crumble with vanilla ice cream, which can be easily made if you carefully follow the instructions of the experienced chef. The Miele Kitchen Experience programme is a blend of culinary skills, the right combination of ingredients and the preparation of food on high-end Miele appliances, which, thanks to their innovative technology, preserve the aroma. Miele Kitchen Experience Meetings are intended for everyone who wants to familiarize themselves with the capabilities of Miele kitchen appliances in a practical manner while spending time in good company. 

Additional information, recipes and photos from Miele Kitchen Experience classes can be found on Miele’s official website and the brand’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

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