Seminar “Revolution in the HR Sector”

The Hellenic Business Association of Serbia, the Belgian-Serbian Business Association, the Chamber of Italian-Serbian Businessmen, and the Croatian Business Association, in cooperation with the company Elite Academy Balkans, organized a seminar “Revolution in the HR Sector”, in the Saint Ten Hotel, which was attended by 50 representatives of member companies

The seminar was led by Miša Pavićević, a specialist in the HR sector and director of Elite Academy Balkans, which operates in the field of reorganization and restructuring of companies, as well as testing, selection, and training of employees. Using practical examples, Miša Pavićević spoke to the representatives of member companies about the revolution in the HR sector, challenges in motivating and managing staff, as well as solutions for recognizing the potential of employees and selecting a successful team. In addition, Miša Pavićević the characteristics of different groups of generations in the business environment, as well as the way to improve their internal communication and the positive attitude of employees towards the company.

Representatives of member companies had the opportunity to exchange experiences with other participants and receive feedback from lecturers, and on this occasion, the company Elite Academy Balkans offered them the opportunity to take a free personality and behavior test in a professional environment.

After the lecture, a networking cocktail was organized, an opportunity for members of the four bilateral organizations to continue talking and socializing in an informal atmosphere.

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