The Nelt Group continues with acceleration and development by 2025

Managers and directors of all the Nelt Group’s companies gathered at a one-day conference, where the status of strategic projects was presented, along with a review of results and an introduction of plans, one year after the launch of the umbrella business strategy dubbed “Accelerate 2025”

The Nelt Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Miloš Jelić, reiterated that, in 30 years of its development, Nelt grew from a small family business to an international organisational system with more than 5,000 people in Europe and Africa. “Last year, the Nelt Group recorded the highest revenue growth rate in the past six years, thus confirming the successful implementation of the Accelerate 2025 strategy,” Jelić said.

Chief Financial Officer Marko Cilić presented key financial data for distribution, logistics, brands and holding, and Bojana Mucić projects and plans of the HR Sector. The Group’s Vice-President for African Markets, Boris Mačak, talked about results in this business segment and a focus this year. “We will focus on strengthening the perception of the Oko brand, launched last year, and on expanding to new markets, launching new low-tier brands, and entering new competitive categories,” Mačak said.

Darko Lukić, the Nelt Group’s Executive Vice-President, presented goals for 2023 and the importance of balance between short-term results and setting solid foundations for sustainable success in the long run.

The teams who won the Top Accelerator Award for last year’s projects with the strongest contribution to the company’s accelerated growth were presented at the event. The end of the event was marked by a surprise guest, renowned athlete Ivana Vuleta, who talked with Corporate Communications Manager Marko Milanković about career challenges, motivation, and transformation in professional sports.

The Nelt Group is one of the most successful business systems in the Adria region in the area of logistics and distribution of fast-moving consumer goods, tobacco, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics products. As an international group, it employs 5,000 people in 18 companies, in 12 markets in Europe and Africa. The leadership position and successes achieved in 30 years of operations are a result of constant investments in employee education and development, innovation, and application of new technologies, with an inclusive and open corporate culture as the company’s trademark.

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