Serbia Zijin Mining: For the future

Serbia’s Zijin Mining is, also aimed to establishing productive relations and long-term cooperation, through transparent and open dialogue with all stakeholders

The company Serbia Zijin Mining, part of the Zijin Mining Group, has been present in Serbia since December 2018. From research, it quickly became a real mining company. The construction of the main plants as well as the accompanying mining facilities, during which the process technology, industrial equipment and technical performance indicators were set at a high international level, lasted two years, and production began in 2021.

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Thanks to the design, construction and optimization of the high standard process, the production results of the “Čukaru Peki” mine became visible in less than a year, and the company was ranked first on the list of Serbian exporters.

By applying best practices in mining and the use of modern technologies, the desire is to ensure the long-term successful operation of the company, which will, while respecting established standards, follow quality work, sustainable growth and development. Through a good example of the construction of the “Green Mine”, the goal is for Serbia Zijin Mining to become the leading European mining company in terms of: low carbon emissions, green ecology, social responsibility, health, security and sustainable development, and that investments of 466 million US dollars, continues, primarily by continuous investment in ecology. According to the company strategy, the main goal is to build the first “green mine” in Serbia and to reach a leading level among European mining companies, which is also in line with the Serbian philosophy of “Green Agenda”. To build a “garden-like” green mine, will balance mining development with ecological preservation, strive to achieve zero wastewater discharge and carry out all-around ecological remediation. The aim is to work to foster harmony between mine development and the environment, so as to develop mines with a world-class environment.

Photos: Serbia Zijin Mining

The company is adhering to the “highest standard and strictest requirements”, and it is committed to the construction of garden-like factories and green mines, and has taken a series of measures in water, air, noise, and ecological restoration and achieved remarkable results. In order to have a healthy environment, company Serbia Zijin Mining established a regular monitoring mechanism in the mine and built an advanced real-time monitoring system for water quality. Also, already built a cutting-edge water treatment system, committed to the recycling of industrial water and zero discharge of wastewater. According to the highest European standards was designed the most advanced waste management system in Serbia, for storing and treating waste.

“Main aim is to ensure the long-term successful work of the company, which will, with established standards, follow quality work”

Desire is also to renew and plant new vegetation. During the process of landscaping who started with the construction of the Čukaru Peki mine, around the mining area have been planted more than 6.400 trees and more than 510.000 square meters of grass, and a greening plan for the mining area has been formulated to continue greening the tailings pond area. The plan is to plant another 3.500 trees by the end of this year and to green the new 700.000 square meters of space with grass.

Photos: Serbia Zijin Mining

In terms of water treatment, the company currently centrally stores underground sewage and production sewage in the flotation tailings pond through the water dispatch system, realizing zero discharge of industrial wastewater; at the same time, the company has completed the construction and trial operation of the water treatment workshop. The treatment workshop is used to treat the industrial wastewater from the tailings pond, and the treated wastewater is used for production and recycling; the construction of the integrated treatment system for domestic sewage in the other processing plant has basically been completed and will be gradually put into use. In the operation of facilities for environmental protection, ecological greening and environmental improvement, till now was set aside 65 million dollars, and in farther it is planned to invest at least $3.5 million per year for the operation of environmental protection facilities, ecological greening and environmental improvement, so as to ensure the harmonious coexistence of the enterprise and the environment.

The main aim is to ensure the long-term successful work of the company, which will, with established standards, follow quality work, sustainable growth and development of the “Green Mine” and contribute for building the city of Bor as the second-largest mine copper production base in Europe.

Although a young company, Serbia Zijin Mining, managed to achieve excellent production results in a very short time. Highly set standards contributed to that, but also the quality work of employees.

With the development of the company, companies’ need for the number of executors are constantly growing, especially for educated and professional workers. In just one year, the number of employees in the company has increased four times, and out of the 200 employees it had at the beginning of last year, it now has more than 800. The plan is for the number of employees to exceed one thousand by the end of the year.

The company presented the personnel needs of the company at the recently held Job Fair in Bor and in just two hours, close to 300 unemployed people applied to work in Serbia Zijin Mining, because of good working conditions, opportunities for training and advancement, and above all because of security and good salary, which is above the national average.

Photos: Serbia Zijin Mining

The company is focused on employing experienced, but also young educated people, because of which, in the desire to encourage them to stay in Bor, have taken many positive measures. The company is constantly investing in all areas of local community development, and one of the most important is certainly employment and education. That is the reason that company wholeheartedly try to maintain good cooperation with education and all other institutions, and through personnel, policy to contribute to the development of the company, the economic development of the city and the entire country.

“The company is adhering to the “highest standard and strictest requirements””

Serbia Zijin Mining with the continuous, stable and high operating growth, wont to assure the economic and social development, but also to achieve long-term positive impact and enable community development through the implementation of the Program to support local communities, who is based on the implementation of long-term and sustainable projects and initiatives that contribute to the development of a strategy focused on 4 most important pillars: education and welfare of children, environmental protection and reclamation, development of rural communities, and development of capacities and skills can contribute to the development of local entrepreneurship and job creation. The realization of this program is focused primarily on the rural local communities of Brestovac, Slatina, and Metovnica, which are covered by the company’s activities. Based on the expressed and determined needs of local communities, the company has in recent years invested in improving conditions in schools and cultural centers, helping the work of football clubs, providing free Wi-Fi in villages, supporting traditional events to preserve culture and customs, cooperates with cultural -art societies, beekeepers, retirees. In 2021. Serbia Zijin Mining donated USD 58.767, and in 2022, the proposed regular donation amount is six times bigger. The most important donation this year is a purchase of textbooks for 1,645 students from the 5th to the 8th grade, and 3,324 ranches for all students from the first to the eighth grade of Bor primary schools.

In line with the company’s development philosophy: “Mining for Society” and the concept that proclaims the values ​​that “Harmony begets wealth”, Serbia’s Zijin Mining is, also aimed to establish productive relations and long-term cooperation, through transparent and open dialogue with all stakeholders, in order to provide better living conditions for the population through the implementation of sustainable programs.

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