Serbian Business Club Privrednik held a traditional reception

In the garden of the House of Serbian Business Club “Privrednik”, the traditional reception of the Club was held on September 20.

President of the Serbian Business Club, Mr. Zoran Drakulić / Photo: Privrednik

Club members hosted representatives of the Government, domestic and foreign companies, state institutions, diplomatic missions, and dignitaries from the world of science, culture, sports and the media.

On behalf of all members of the Club, the President of the Club, Mr. Zoran Drakulić, welcomed the guests, who expressed his satisfaction that after a three-year break, the Club could host its guests again.

In his opening speech, President Drakulić said that his speech would be short and that he would not, as was usual at previous receptions, summarize the economic environment of our country because everything had already been said in the previous three years.

He emphasized that after the long corona, we are facing a time of recession and inflation as well as high-interest rates. A time when we will have to face incredible energy prices, especially electricity and gas. Record prices of food and fertilizers.

Unfortunately, there are no changes in our country; the most important resources are in the hands of unprofessional people, as was shown worst in the example of EPS, at a time when electricity prices are rampant on the market. The mineral wealth is in the hands of foreigners with the lowest mineral rents in the world. A time when we did not gather the smartest people to create a strategy for Serbia’s economy for these extraordinary times.

President Drakulić congratulated the members of the Club for 20 years of work at SPK “PRIVREDNIK” and wished them to continue to operate successfully, employ the best in Serbia, protect their employees and pay them well. President Drakulić pointed out that this is our biggest contribution to Serbia that has followed in the 20 years of the Club’s existence.

This year, Privrednik collaborated with the Faculty of Applied Arts and enabled young artists to create sculptures that are located on the exterior of the Club House.

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