On November 5 and 6, 2018, more than 80 exhibitors from the industry of fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products will present their high-quality products at the first Belgrade Food Fair. Organized by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Serbian Food Promotion Association, this event has enabled exhibitors to reach new sales contracts, develop new business partnerships and identify investment opportunities.

“Since I arrived in Serbia, I am impressed how much food plays a major role in Serbian society,” said Kyle Scott, US Ambassador to Serbia. “The citizens of Serbia are proud of their food and are very creative and innovative in experimenting with high quality, natural products of Serbia. It’s time for more people around the world to recognize this and find out which high-quality products Serbia produces ”

“This event is important for the promotion of the huge potential of our food industry,” said Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management Branislav Nedimovic. “Apart from the export of domestic raw materials, it is much more important for Serbia to use these resources for the development of high quality products and to export them as Serbian brands, so that we will have much more value in the value chain. “Therefore, the Ministry of Agriculture will focus on supporting initiatives that make the Serbian food industry more competitive,” explained Branislav Nedimovic.

USAID supported the Belgrade Food Show through a Competitive Economy Project worth $ 12,000,000. The project supports efforts to strengthen the Serbian food industry, especially in the field of fruits and vegetables. The support program has been created so that it can be mapped out, thereby increasing the competitiveness and export potential of the entire sector. The Serbian Food Promotion Association is a partner of the Project in creating a sustainable platform for the promotion of Serbian products and positioning as a regional leader in a high-quality food industry. In addition to increased sales and incentives for partnerships, Belgrade Food Show offers professional-educative presentations and enables companies to access experts from this sector, as well as information that helps improve business and access to new markets.

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