Jugoslav Tintor was re-elected as president of the Belgrade Bar Association

Jugoslav Tintor was re-elected as president of the Belgrade Bar Association, while Veljko Delibasic was elected vice-president. 978 lawyers attended the elections held at the Sava Center, which is the highest turnout in the history of the Chamber. Tintor won a convincing 760 votes, while Zorica Dobričanin Ikodinović and Miroljub Pavlović won against 151 candidates, 49 of them, with 14 invalid ballots.

Also, 13 members of the Board of Directors, members of the Supervisory Board, the disciplinary prosecutor and his deputies, the president of the Disciplinary Court and the disciple’s judge were also elected.

“After the year in which we have done a lot and done regularly informed our colleagues, members of the AKB, I am extremely pleased to justify their confidence that they pointed out to me in the previous elections held just a year ago. The victory in these elections is an indication that only work, transparency in work and responsibility for the achieved result are appreciated, “said Yugoslav Tintor, President of the Belgrade Bar Association.

The new members of the Steering Committee are Djordje Mara, Miroslav Vasic, Dragoslav Ljubicanovic, Vladimir Prijovic, Tanja Stanisic, Sasa Ivanisevic, Vladan Jevtic, Maja Atanaskovic, Nebojsa Stankovic, Nenad Rankovic, Miodrag Rasic, Pavle Litricin and Nenad Vasic.

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