Servier 10th Anniversary in Serbia: 170.000 Therapies in 2017

Independent French pharmaceutical company Servier is marking its 10th anniversary in Serbia. Only this year 170,000 people in our country have used medicines produced by this Company, most of them in the therapy for cardiovascular diseases.

Since 2007 Servier has increase its workforce in Serbia from 3 to 45, while the turnover of the Company’s medicines has increased to more than 9 million euros in the course of 2017.

We are very pleased that Servier is in the last 2 years the fastest-growing innovative company in the Serbian market. We have recognized Serbia as an important country for our work and development, which is confirmed by the Company’s substantial growth and acquisition of the status of a limited liability company, which will ensure more efficient operations in the Serbian market”, says Claude Broudic, General Manager of Servier Serbia. “Availability of innovative therapies to patients in Serbia, not only in the field of cardiology but also in other therapy indications such as diabetes, oncology and venous diseases, is one of the priorities of our Company. Commitment and care for the patient is our ultimate goal which will be achieved in our cooperation with all important actors of the healthcare system in Serbia.”

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