Seun Kuti honours his father Fela with a concert in Belgrade

Afrobeat spectacle, Seun Kuti & Egypt 80, will be held on 29 & 30 March at the club Bitefartcafe, within Musicology Barcaffé Sessions concert series.

Approximately three quarters of the current lineup of Egypt 80 consists of musicians who played with Fela Kuti and were often arrested and harassed together with the founder of Afrobeat movement. Seun Kuti has held concerts all over the world and released three albums so far. On appearance within Musicology Barcaffé Sessions will present and its EP of 3 singles “Struggle Sounds”, which, he says, is a reflection of his true political and social beliefs. “More than ever, we are confident in our mission and our sense of music.” He says. “I honour every revolutionary who did it possible, even before I was born.” Seun Kuti is the youngest son of the legendary Fela Kuti, pioneer of Afrobeat. With only 9 years, Seun has expressed a desire to sing with his father. Shortly after he started performing with Fela and his band, until the death of his father in 1997. Seun then, aged 14, took over the role of frontman Egypt 80. He continued to monitor the political and social beliefs of his father, but in the music brought a lot of his own influences, exploring the depths of the different traditions of African peoples, in order to fight through music painted residents this continent and their culture. Promotional contingent of tickets at a price of 1,500 dinars is on sales at all locations &, as well as online via the print at home and m – tickets.

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