Siemens achieves goals for 2018

Company Siemens d.o.o. At the end of the business in 2018, Belgrade marked the achievement of goals and results, and participation in the implementation of capital projects for the Republic of Serbia, positioned Siemens as a reliable partner to the Serbian economy.

“This year in Serbia we have implemented a large number of projects in all areas in which we operate, and I am confident that we will continue in the same direction, to stimulate Serbia’s economic growth with our innovative technologies and solutions,” said Udo Ehlinger, General Manager of Siemens d.o.o. Belgrade, and added that the focus of the company is on promoting and implementing digitalization and digital solutions “Siemens is a pioneer in the field of digitization in Serbia, and our goal is to present our customers new products and solutions in this field as well as to explain how digitalization affects to improve business and competitiveness in the market. Our employees actively monitor trends, trends and market changes in order to better respond to all customer needs and offer solutions tailored to specific needs in order to improve existing processes. ”

Siemens in Serbia operates in the fields of industry, energy, oil and gas, through the divisions: Energy Management, Power and Gas – Power Generation Services, and Digital Factory and Process Industries and Drives.
In Serbia, Siemens has two factories in Subotica and Kragujevac, and more than 2,500 employees, out of which more than 1,600 employees are employed in the factory in Subotica, with the tendency to increase this number thanks to an additional increase in production.

In February, Siemens took over Milanovic Engineering, a manufacturer of aluminum body parts for railroad vehicles from Kragujevac, and with this acquisition Siemens expanded its international network of manufacturers.
Siemens wind generator is one of the largest exporters in Serbia, which has been operating successfully for 15 years and is the world’s leader with more than 20,000 wind generators. Recently, in addition to its portfolio, the factory started producing high-voltage generators. A novelty at the Siemens plant in Subotica is that the “Center for the Mechanization of Metal Parts” has recently been opened, which includes jobs that were recently performed by external suppliers. From now on, this type of work will be carried out internally, by employees with high technological knowledge.

The concern for the community in which they operate, but also for the entire society, is seen through social engagement, where, on the initiative of Siemens in cooperation with the German Organization for International Cooperation (GIZ) and the Technical School “Ivan Sarić” in Subotica, 2014 a new educational profile of the locksmith-welder was introduced in this school as part of the project of introducing new educational profiles in the school system, also supported by the Government of Germany and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia.

Since the establishment of the company, it has set the concern for its employees and the wider community as one of the main business priorities. Activities in accordance with the principles of social responsibility include education and science initiatives, donations in case of natural disasters (donation of the substation to Kraljevo), environmental protection projects, which additionally confirms the long-term plans that the company has in Serbia.

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