SIGMA KULA DOO – Support at all times

Since the beginning of the state of emergency and the declaration of the COVID-19 epidemic in the Republic of Serbia, as a socially responsible company, Sigma Kula d.o.o. made all its production capacities available to the needs of the citizens and the state of the Republic of Serbia, and with its further activities and donations contributed to preventing the spread of the pandemic.

Sigma Kula d.o.o. a manufacturer of sodium-hypochlorite disinfectants, is the only such company in Southeast Europe that is certified for the use of this disinfectant in health care facilities for disinfection of premises, surfaces, equipment and hands in regular and emergency situations.

During the state of emergency, as well as after it was lifted, and in cooperation with the State Health Insurance Fund, Sigma Kula d.o.o. has been delivering disinfectants to health clinics in Serbia, and as a socially responsible company, continued its activities and donations such as donating over 270,000 litres of disinfectants Aqualor H and Aqualor H 500 intended for disinfection of surfaces, space and hands, produced by the company itself.

Sigma Kula d.o.o. has put into operation disinfectant bottling plants with a daily capacity of 26,000 litres in order to fulfil the needs of production of disinfectants based on sodium-hypochlorite, which, according to the recommendations of the WHO and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, is effective in preventing the coronavirus contagion. By applying innovative solutions, Sigma Kula d.o.o. is always one step ahead of the rest and has anticipated the need for more disinfectants during the production and assembly of the HLOROGEN technological equipment, which is used during emergencies as was the case during the devastating floods in 2015.


Even now, and in order to meet the needs of all those people who were at risk during the pandemic, the water supply systems that use the HLOROGEN equipment of Sigma Kula d.o.o.,  distributed all surplus disinfectants to local governments, crisis units, health clinics, businesses and citizens. The total amount delivered to these groups is about 10,000,000 litres of disinfectants for surface disinfection.


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