Sixth Telegroup Infosec Conference on Information Security in Teslić

Information security, one of the key factors for protection of the whole economy of each society has constantly being targeted by cyber-terrorism, unknown to any geographical or state boundaries.


Adequate and timely application of the latest IT solutions created for ensuring Information security, together with coherent Legislative regulations, can put an end to cyber-terrorism– this was the message of this year’s, sixths TeleGroup Infosec Conference on Information Security, held in Tesliću on Thursday, Nov. 24, 2016.

State of confidentiality, integrity and availability of data has been constantly attacked through cyber-terrorism on a daily basis, becoming at the same time a world-wide present and actual threat. Inconsistent Legislation, availability of information, mass production of new technologies and global connectivity are just some of the factors which contribute to cyber terrorism becoming one of the fastest growing criminal activities, regardless of any geographic, state or legal boundaries.

The focus of this year’s conference, which was attended by more than 130 participants, was a level of information security in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro in relation to the new European regulations in this area.

“Company TeleGroup, which offers the latest technological solutions for protection of information systems and data, is trying to increase influence and raise awareness of the public and government institutions on importance of strategic investments into information security. Primarily, what we all need to understand is that the key to information protection and preservation of information security is actually prevention, and today we will present the latest technological solutions for the protection of information – communication systems” said Dalibor Ratković, Regional Sales Manager of ICT products and solutions.

This year’s conference was also visited by representatives of the most famous international companies, which are leaders in fields of IT security, network traffic, production of network equipment and Cloud safety – Cisco systems, Trend Micro, Gigamon, EntrustDatacard, Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

„I am truly glad that we have the opportunity to discuss, for the sixth year in a row, about constantly intriguing topic of information security. Infosec Conference, which has primarily educational purpose, is set to warn the Region of what can be expected, as well as to demonstrate options related to prevention and protection of infrastructure and data. Trends are susceptable to change, and our task is not to focus only on problem solving, but also to organize this type of conference – to connect government institutioons and vendors, among which are some of the most distinguished world companies, for the first time in Bosnia and Herzegovina“ said Diana Gligorijević, Regional director of marketingand sales of Company „TeleGroup“.

Special guests of this year’s conference were representatives of relevant regional institutions – Ismet Mehamović, Head of Department for Main Registry and Informatics within the Agency for Personal Data Protection in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sava Savić – Deputy Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications of the Republic of Serbia and Kenan Duraković, General Manager for IT infrastructure within the Ministry for Information Society and telecommunications Montenegro.

As an IT company focusing on IT Security technologies, „TeleGroup“ supports efforts made by regional IT associations in animating government structures and broad public on information security, as well as on existence of more and more sophisticated threats in cyber space, which may endanger stability of regional economy and society. Infosec conference started in 2011, with the idea of raising information security level of the Western Balkan Region.

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