Spectacular music & fashion evening campaign „piano for Kolarac Foundation”

During TeleGroup music and fashion evening, held on Monday, Nov. 28 at Kolarac Foundation, a portion of money intended for purchase of a new concert piano needed for this Hall was collected.


Musical-fashion spectacle, organized by Kolarac Foundation, fashion agency “Fabrika”, and sponsored by company TeleGroup, began with performance of RTS Symphony Orchestra, conducted by maestro Jacopo Sipari. The audience enjoyed in performance of compositions: Carmen, Barber of Seville, Madam Batterfly and many others, while the gorgeous voice of Italian soprano Silvana Froli enriched this event.

Famous fashion designer Renato Balestra joined this charity campaign, presenting his latest collection of high fashion models which thrilled the audience. Renato Balestra has already become a regular guest of Belgrade, since he accepted invitations of Agency “Fabrika” several times in the past and was always eager to support charity campaigns. This fashion designer creates the style of the First Ladies, Saudi princesses, business women and famous actresses. He designed costumes for theatrical plays and operas, and cooperated with National Theatre Opera in Belgrade, where he designed costumes for Rossini’s “Cinderella”.

A few days before the event itself, numerous sponsors joined the campaign which has still been going on, for the purpose of collection sufficient means for purchase of a new concert piano, so that Kolarac Foundation can remain the outstanding Concert Hall, as it has been so far.

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