Skopje is the host of business leaders in Southeast Europe: The sixth annual Summit 100 began

In the presence of more than 100 business leaders from Macedonia and the region, and special guests from international financial institutions, Živko Mukaetov, General Director of “Alkaloid” and Chairman of the Summit 100 Governing Board, opened the largest business event in this region – the sixth annual Summit 100 business leaders from South East Europe.

The theme of this year’s Summit 100 is “connectivity”, in several key areas, such as infrastructure, transport, energy, digitization, branding of the region, facilitating the free movement of goods and services, as well as a higher degree of labor mobility.

In his opening address, Živko Mukaetov pointed out that the Summit 100 has grown into the leading regional business platform and announced future expectations, but also reminded of previous releases, results and key projects that emerged from them.

“The focus of the Summit 100 in Skopje, as well as every year, is regional cooperation. For easier access to new markets, companies need association, and Summit 100 is a great initiative to achieve these goals. At the same time, the Summit 100 is a strong platform for structuring development programs that would bring the region closer to meeting a mission to build a powerful business community that would be a generator of greater economic growth. We at Summit 100 are convinced that only through the intensification of regional cooperation and building synergies between companies will raise the competitiveness of the economy, we would allow our companies easier access to new markets, and we would be much more attractive to foreign investors as a unified market, “Mukaetov said.

Violeta Bulc, European Transport Commissioner, stressed that positive trends in Europe, such as the fall in unemployment, are a good message for young people. “The European Union has come out of the crisis, all member states have recorded economic growth. These are good news that we want to share with our partners in the Western Balkans, where there are also positive trends, “Bulc said.

On the second day of the Summit 100, five creative workshops dedicated to energy, economy, branding of products in the food and beverage sector, tourism, as well as digital agendas will be held, as well as a plenary presentation of ideas for regional cooperation among political leaders from the region.

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