Slow Shopping: the Future Concept Presented by #VremeZa Portal and Ava Shopping Park

At the LADIES DAY organized by the SlowLiving&Loving portal and AVA SHOPPING PARK, representatives of print and digital media experienced the concept of slow shopping with the partners of the portal who provided them with useful advice on choosing suitable clothes for yoga and sports, how to use decoration for a feng shui concept, what makeup products to use and how to prepare for a gluten-free vacation

“Slow shopping is a new way to look at your shopping strategy. Instead of rushing to buy an item as soon as the desire or need arises, running through the mall, and pushing almost frantically between the racks and at the cash registers, slow shopping encourages a completely different pace: the goal is a focused shopping experience that ends with only the things you really want to enter your home, which nurtures your whole being and which will be permanent and useful for your energy as well”, said Jasmina Stojanović, founder of the portal

“In the joint event that we organized with AVA Shopping Park, as a socially responsible shopping center, which first of all thinks of its visitors, we translated this concept as “light shopping” in which we enjoy, explore, have fun, and at the same time are aware of our needs and we nurture both the body and the spirit,” pointed out Jasmina.

The representatives of print and digital media started the day socializing with phenomenal Starbucks Serbia coffee and drinks as desired, and they especially enjoyed the new flavors (check which ones they are in AVA SHOPPING PARK).

In the Nike store, yoga teacher and founder of the ShivaShakti school, Dragana Balić, showed which yoga clothes are the best and why we should take care of the materials. “Nike has the Move to Zero movement and they make their shoes from recycled materials, which is very interesting for us who deal with it and live a natural and healthy lifestyle,” said Dragana.

Always fashionable current Adidas pieces have attracted the attention of guests who cherish a sporty style. In Beosport official is Isidora Čakarmiš, a fitness trainer at the Dgyum gym who nurtures a personal approach, she explained which tops were good for active training but also what to choose for the lower part of training clothes. “Always make sure that it is not too short, when you choose for example cycling shorts, for comfort, but also, that it is not too long either so that you don’t get warm,” advises Isidora.

“Clothes won’t change the world, but the women who wear them will,” said Anne Klein, a designer who changed the style of clothing in the 60s and 70s in America, and we have confirmed it with this gathering.

Jelena Dejanovska, feng shui expert and BaZi consultant demonstrated in Sinsay how to use decorative details to improve the energy in the home by activating the feng shui concept. “Everyone who wants to organize their home according to the principle of Feng Shui needs to know the Five Elements: Water, Wood, Earth, Fire, Metal.” Each represents a certain energy quality that can be contained in the object. For example, if the Earth element is needed, we can choose a square table or chair shape or represent it in the space with one of the shades of yellow,” advises Jelena.

We were greeted with a smile at Galen pharm, and there Ana Kovačević, a professional make-up artist and founder of Realistic Make-up Training, told us what a good make-up routine is. “Everyone talks about the power of covering with makeup, but makeup should really emphasize what is beautiful about us, and that should be our focus. There are many women who, with make-up, want to look like themselves, and that is the greatest beauty. Women have a need to set aside time for themselves, and at the same time make that time nice, easy, and useful,” says Ana.

Milena Marić, an advisor for a gluten-free diet, influencer, and author of the social media profile debela_bezglutenka, suggests what supplements should we use if we are gluten intolerant. “Supplementation and vitamins are very important for travel. “My choice is the Terranova brand – gluten-free, additive-free, they are obtained by lyophilization from pure organic herbs,” recommended Milena.

Gigatron presented us with new fitness equipment, and LC Waikiki presented a wide selection of clothes for moms and children.

The unique shopping of AVAnture was rounded off in the Balkan restaurant, where they welcomed us with a selection of menus for vegetarians as well as national dishes that are the signature of this restaurant. Interior in warm details and tones, tastes that provided enjoyment and perfect service, completed the beauty of this gathering and connection.

“In nature, at the foot of Avala, we watched the clouds parting and laughed at how beautiful and easy it is to enjoy the beauty and believe in the power of good energy to always bring the Sun.” We took with us the catchphrase of this gathering: #TimeFor (#VremeZa) you is the best time spent,” said Aleksandra Kožul, communications director of the Novaston company, which manages AVA Shopping Park.

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