SME Serbia 2030: SME 100 Expo

Conference-exhibition on the contribution of Serbian SMEs to sustainable development and further opportunities

Small and medium enterprises carry the largest part of the domestic economy, creating 60% of added value, 66% of employment and participating with 45% in total exports. As such, they represent the foundation and driving force of the new Serbian economy and have an exceptional potential to contribute to the sustainable development of Serbia in the next decade, as well as to the achievement of all goals from the UN Agenda 2030 for our country.

SME 100 Expo, a one-day conference-exhibition that will take place on June 1, 2022 in MIND Park in Kragujevac, is dedicated to these, often invisible, champions of the Serbian economy. The event is organized by CEVES and MIND Park, within the “Sustainable Development for all” Platform established and conducted by GIZ with the support of the governments of Switzerland and Germany.

Ambassadors of Germany and Switzerland to Serbia, the president of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Marko Čadež, as well as the President of the Board and the Chief Economist of CEVES, Kori Udovički, are just some of the guests and moderators of the conference.

The goal of the event is to showcase the rich developmental potential of the domestic economy, embodied in carefully selected small and medium enterprises that are characterized by all the traits of modern economies worldwide – international competitiveness, access to global markets, innovation, business ethics, sustainability, green transition, high growth performance and productivity. Through practical examples, the conference will show how the challenges faced by SMEs can be successfully overcome, which can help in increasing the number of such companies. Increased visibility and recognition of such SMEs, and using their experiences as positive guidelines can contribute to the long-term development of the Serbian economy and society as a whole.

SME 100 Expo will highlight companies that have been built as a new entrepreneurial venture, i.e. are not privatized companies, with a focus on three “sub-populations”:

  • Companies that prove their competitiveness through a steady and significant level of growth of exports to markets outside our immediate environment
  • Those whose development potential is based on innovation and that make a significant contribution to the development of science and the country’s capacity for innovation
  • Companies that achieve green goals within their business operations – through innovative energy saving or reliance on their own renewable energy, application of the principles of circular economy, reliance on organic production or reduction of pollution, contribution to the protection and development of biodiversity

Within the exhibition part of the Conference, each of the SME 100 will have the opportunity to present their development, contribution to the community and sustainable development, and at the end of the program all participants will have the opportunity to relax during a Chat over a glass of wine, with guests Rade Šerbedžija and Dragan Bjelogrlić, who will talk about what entrepreneurship and film can do for each other.

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