Snežana Perić: Loznica is ready for the upcoming season

Snežana Perić, director of the Tourism Organization of the city of Loznica, as one of the participants of the panel at the “Summer 2023” conference, answering a question about rising inflation and how it will affect the tourist season, said: “It can only be a plus for us and for even more tourists to come precisely to Loznica and other destinations from Serbia. As proof, all of our capacities were already filled the previous weekend, not counting the holiday weekend before that and the holiday weekend after that. The offer is for everyone’s pocket and that’s why this inflation doesn’t worry us so much, you can rent an apartment in Banja Koviljača for 20, 30 euros, you can sleep in Tršić for a thousand dinars, so it’s not far or expensive to get to Loznica, so you can afford a weekend, an extended weekend, and of course and a longer stay in Loznica.”

Speaking in the tourist offer of Loznica, she pointed out that it is “colorful”.

“All that Loznica offers as a destination attracts a large number of tourists because it is precisely our colorful offer, above all our famous place Tršić, which is a candidate for the best tourist village in the world for the second year in a row, and there is simply no school excursion that has not come to Tršić. Then Banja Koviljača, then the river Drina, which turns into the Drina Riviera in the summer, of course, the mountains Gučevo and Cer, and city tourism itself, because Loznica is an extremely lively city that records a huge increase in the number of tourists and the number of overnight stays when it comes to the core of the city.”, said Perić.

She says that housing capacity is not a problem because it has doubled in recent years.

“Besides all these natural beauties and cultural and historical sights, there are truly excellent catering facilities where our accommodation capacity has been doubled in the last couple of years,” she added.

The entire conference can be viewed HERE.

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