“Solidarity in times of crisis”

At the Divac Foundation conference named “Solidarity in times of crisis”, the results of the project “Celebrate solidarity”, implemented by the Foundation in cooperation with organisations from five countries – Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Albania and Macedonia – were presented with the support of the EU Programme “Europe for Citizens”.

Nataša Kovačević, basketball player and participant in the introductory panel showed on her case how she one can present solidarity even after the accident she experienced. Representatives from all six countries presented project results through photos, numbers and examples of solidarity. On the second panel, the visitors had the opportunity to hear about the importance of the media to promote solidarity, and in the end, the attendees had the opportunity to hear the successful stories of people who launched solidarity actions themselves – Milan Jurokovićthe famous Mile The Carpenter, who was famous in Serbia for his stool-making campaign for feeding. All participants in this panel pointed out once again the very important role of the media since without media their actions would be less successful, and the awareness and sensitivity of the citizens would be at a lower level. The participants stated that potential tax incentives would be of great importance for humanitarian work.

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