The region is a step into big markets

The companies in the Adriatic region should treat their business here as a first step in expanding the business of the region, and for the most successful and bravest there is a secured place in the world market, it was concluded at the panel with the participation of the general directors of the largest regional companies.

The participants of the discussion at the Weekend Media Festival in Rovinj, were the director of Nectar Group Mihailo Janković, Director of Direct Media Jovan Stojanović, Podravka’s Management Board Chairman Marin Pucar and the President of the Board of Directors Adria Ram Adanki, who all said that branding is important for entering new markets. “The success of the Nectar Group, a leader in the region, relies on four pillars of business, and these are people, innovation, operational efficiency and constant improvement and growth” said Mihailo Janković, CEO of Nectar Group. “Regional companies should keep local brands. “Says Jankovic. Director of Direct Media Serbia, Jovan Stojanović, said that the success of Direct Media system operations in eight countries of Southeast Europe happened due to the employee expertise and that the countries of the region have huge human potential that can outstrip the world standard.

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