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Luštica Bay – a place where you belong

Located on a peninsula guarded for centuries, Luštica Bay is surrounded by mountains, reclining on the sea, rich in olive groves and unspoiled nature, and adorned with the most beautiful Mediterranean architecture, beautiful buildings made from the finest Montenegrin stone, with irresistible sea vistas and breathtaking sunsets. A combination of traditional and modern life, a combination of heritage and beautiful everyday life, a combination of wealth and a sense of belonging… Luštica Bay is an emerging Mediterranean town where life creates a myriad of memories for all generations. This is the town to which one feels they belong.

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Colourful stone residences overlooking the most beautiful blue shade of the Adriatic Sea, in the greenery of olive groves and luscious flora of the Luštica peninsula, harmoniously create the silhouettes and outlines of the secluded Mediterranean town of Luštica Bay. Series of residences in Marina Village, the luxury five-star hotel The Chedi, where you will feel like you are living in the most luxurious movie, the marina for sailboats and yachts, natural soothing beaches with access to the most beautiful clear blue open Adriatic Sea, contemporary restaurants with finest Mediterranean cuisine, boutiques resembling those in the most luxurious coastal cities in the world, all create the special and irresistible identity of Luštica Bay.

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Every visitor to Luštica Bay will want to spend the finest moments with their loved ones here, as this is a place which the charm and energy we carry everywhere with us, in our minds. Now imagine having that place for yourself. One of the most coveted locations in Luštica Bay is definitely the Iris Residences complex with its beautiful apartments featuring large balconies and views over the blue sea, private beaches, swimming pools with the view of the most beautiful landscapes, and just a short walk to the loveliest seaside promenade in the centre of Marina Village. This complex of residential buildings offers its tenants all the benefits of modern life, in the most romantic town on the coast. If you decide to live in one of these beautiful residences, or use them for precious holidays with your loved ones, know that they are serviced and taken care of all year round.

“Owning a property in Luštica Bay has all the benefits of living on the coast”

Owning a property in Luštica Bay has all the benefits of living on the coast. Iris Residences provides a home with a sea view, well-designed to the smallest detail, a home that promises to give you the most beautiful experiences throughout the year. Functional perfection, the essence of hedonism, unparalleled aesthetics – Iris Residences has it all! The new homes here will be completed in phases, in 2024 and 2025, and are a lifelong investment for you and future generations.

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After moving in, for the next twelve months, property owners have the opportunity to immediately enjoy their home or join a rental programme managed by Luštica Bay, and thus generate a return on their investment from renting their place.

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