SPK Business Transfer

Organized by the SPK, a working meeting was held on the topic of Business transfer, on the occasion of the edition of the Business Transfer Barometer magazine, by the company Asee.

President of the SPK, Danijela Fišakov, welcomed all those present, welcomed them after the holidays, saying, “Each year, the number of SPK members increases with the departure and arrival of new members. We have come to the conclusion that members do not know enough about themselves. This meeting was organised precisely on the occasion that members present their current business performance. “The lecturer on the topic of Business Transfer was Boris Vukić from Asee, who on examples from the practice discussed with members on how to transfer business within family companies, to whether family businesses are the solution or not, to let children lead or bring professionals, when is the right time to think about withdrawing from business, whether to retreat completely or remain as an advisor, and what is the situation in Serbia regarding the current topic. In the continuation of the meeting, the members presented their experiences on the topic and presented in several sentences the business of their company, which was the goal of the meeting, so that the members were better acquainted.


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