STYLIANOS ZAKOF, President Hellenic Business Association of Serbia: WE ARE HERE TO HELP SHAPE ECONOMIES

This time around we have also asked the representatives of the authorities, diplomatic corps, international institutions, business associations, media and many others to express their views on the possible re-arrangement of power in the world, the European and regional political scene, the influences on Serbia’s accession to the EU, economic development, investments in culture, and as an inevitable question this year, elections which are taking place in many countries, including Serbia. We talked to STYLIANOS ZAKOF, President Hellenic Business Association of Serbia

How important is it for companies gathered in business associations and chambers of commerce to work together to improve the business environment and what trends do you expect to see in 2020?

Undoubtedly, beyond benefiting member businesses, business associations chambers’ work has a multiplier effect on improving commercial, governmental, and economic institutions. Therefore, the importance of the Hellenic Business Association in Serbia in the modern Serbian economy and society cannot be overstated. We are here to help shape economies by making them more efficient and transparent through the establishment of better regulations and standards. In this respect, we are proud to have contributed, in our way, on making a great improvement in many areas in the country. As the country has already come a long way in adopting measures to stabilize public finances and create a friendly business environment, Greek companies operating on the Serbian market are very satisfied with the overall business climate, increasing their ventures/investments in sectors such as textiles, transport equipment, chemicals and electronics.

The year 2020 is an election year for most Western Balkan countries, including Serbia. How will this affect the development of the economy in the region?

Three Western Balkan countries – Serbia, North Macedonia and Montenegro – are expected to hold parliamentary elections in 2020. These represent rather important events, as they will certainly have a great impact on the entire region. We want to believe that our expectations will be fulfilled and Serbia’s economy will continue its robust growth in 2020, with government’s investments in infrastructure, wage and pension hikes and strong domestic demand.

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