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Antalya is an ample region in Turkiye that covers about 1,400 square km. The abundance of sunshine, beaches, forests, waterfalls, monuments… Antalya is a perfect destination to enjoy starting from early May to late September. This year, we can confirm that the already established benefits of having a summer vacation in this region are improved, and everything is truly excellent. Antalya was an unplanned destination for us, but we came back with such great memories that it was a great end of spring and a good overture for the summer of 2023.

We visited Antalya, the city and the heart of the whole region, Side and Belek. All great destinations for lovers of the warm Turkish sea, sandy beaches, and exclusive resorts where everything is just there, available and ready for you to choose, take it and enjoy. All you have to do is relax and make a choice your heart wants at that moment. And that’s what we did. We tried everything, visited the beautiful sights, and enjoyed the great service, which is a trademark of this region.

Usually, I prefer a busy holiday where every day is full of activities, but there is always an exception, and Antalya definitely is one. Here, we recommend a wide range of all-inclusive resorts for the perfect lazy holiday. If you want a cocktail by the pool, please take two. If you want to have a yoga class, Matt is waiting for you. Barbeque or fish for lunch, you don’t need to decide, try both. Moreover, eat the fruits, the more the merrier, because it is truly the juiciest, I have tried in a long time. In addition, have a joyful time on the beach. Brush your hand through the warmest sand, read a good book while sunbathing, take a long stroll by the sea, and last but not least, swim until your body feels alive. I know I did.

Antalya is a perfect destination to enjoy starting from early May to late September

Our stay in Antalya was divine because the Nirvana Cosmopolitan Hotel is really, as they like to say, “perfect harmony where the city living meets the coastal bliss.” The interior of the hotel is designed in a futuristic style with a lot of space and bright colors. Big and light rooms, many a la carte restaurants (Mexican, Asian, Mediterranean, steak house, seafood), numerous sports courts, and the smoothest chocolate they make right there in the hotel.

As for the sights, definitely start with the Lower Duden Waterfalls, a spectacular cascade that occurs as the Duden River spills off the Antalya City cliffs into the sea. It is a beautiful beginning for a walk through the landscaped parks with a lot of trees and greenery. Your destination is the center of the city, where you must head to Antalya’s Old Town, also known as Kaleiçi. This is the perfect place to learn about the cultural heritage of the city. Here you also have the Hadrian’s Gate and the imposing Yivli Minare Mosque and after you must explore the narrow alleys and historic stone buildings, which will lead you to a great bazaar, where you can find all kinds of souvenirs such as leather sandals, spices, clothes, and ratluk.

After the city of Antalya, we continued our travel to Side, a coastal jam with much history waiting to be explored. A rare opportunity to see ancient classical ruins that come from the periods of the 1st century BCE to the 3rd century CE. This ancient city has a small peninsula about 1 km long and 400 m wide, where most of the ruins are still standing today. Nymphaeum (the fountain), in ancient Greece and Rome, was a monument consecrated to the gods of nature or spring. During the 2nd century, this structure once stood three stories, but today the lower floor is the only piece remaining. Then we have the temple of Tyche built in the center of the commercial agora. The Greek Goddess Tyche, known as the Goddess of blind fate, is equated with Roma Goddess Fortuna. The Temple of Apollo is dedicated to the Greek God of beauty and light, the patron of the arts, and the guide of the Muses. The frieze placed above them depicts the heads of Medusa-a mythological monster that had the face of a female with venomous snakes in place of her hair. All this is seated near the Theater and the State Agora, which were the places for social and political life in the Greek and Roman era.

Side, a coastal jam with much history waiting to be explored

While in Side, we stayed in the Miramare Beach Hotel, one of the best ultra-all-inclusive hotels on the Mediterranean coast. Miramare Beach Hotel is located in the heart of this sunny city in a lively area, within walking distance of all the attractions.

We finished our stay in Antalya with a visit to Belek and the unique Calista Luxury Resort. “Calista Luxury Resort is the first “Green Star” award-winning hotel in Turkey with international status, designed with a unique architecture on 120.000 m2 area, in a forest covered with pine trees, where nature and the sea are united” as they describe themselves.

Antalya is ready and waiting for Serbian guests to show the best hospitality in the world, followed by gorgeous beaches and great all-around service where everyone will find something and have a great holiday. The best partner for organizing dream vacations is the one and only Big Blue Travel Agency. Their knowledge, the biggest offer of luxury hotels, and resort with extensive travel experience are the best option for finding everything you need while traveling and even the details you didn’t think about. Just decide which destination is your choice for the summer and let them do what they do best, and make dreams come true.

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