Support to Childcare Associations

In November, when the World Children’s Day is celebrated, the traditional voluntary collection of attachments, within the “humanitarian casings” at McDonald’s restaurants, will be dedicated to Children’s Associations: “Shelter”, Children and Youth Group “Indigo”, Romsko srpsko prijateljstvo “Tree”, Children and Youth Potential Development Center “Play” and ECR Educational Center. Additionally, Sunday 20 November to 27 November McDonald’s will allocate 10 dinars from each Happy Meal and donate to these Associations.

McDonald’s since coming to the Serbian market through various activities helps the community in which it operates and those who need help most often, and most often they are children. The donation is provided by restaurant guests, and the contributions are collected in casings, which are located at the food ordering stalls within the restaurant and McDonald’s through the allocation of funds from the sold Meal meal sold.

“In the year when we celebrate the great jubilee, 30 years of work in Serbia, we decided to support as many associations as possible that care for children every day. We want our children to get better conditions for everyday activities carried out within these associations from the collected money from humanitarian boxes and from the sale of Happy Meal meals, “said Desanka Landauer, Marketing Director of McDonald’s in Serbia.

McDonald’s will, as the initiator of the action, inform the public of the donations made after the end of the action.

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