Support to further introduction of innovations key to future investment

Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and representatives of Nordic countries operating in Serbia, talked about innovations and further investments

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Belgrade, September 6, 2016 –  At a press conference “Nordic innovative business in Serbia”, organised by the Nordic Business Alliance and Embassy of the Republic of Finland, there had been talk about the way in which it is possible to improve the investment climate in Serbia. Participants in the Conference were the Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, H.E. Ambassador of the Republic of Finland to Belgrade, Pertti Ikonen, Jasmina Vignjević (Nordic Business Alliance), Andreja Pavlović (Nordic Business Alliance), Ingeborg Ofsthus (Telenor), Vladislav Lalić (IKEA), Algirdas Krupavičius (Tikkurila) and Predrag Radošević (Novo Nordisk).

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“There is room for improvement in the economic relations between Serbia and the Nordic countries. Nordic companies, known for their innovative thinking, reliability and practical solutions, have plenty to offer here. The ongoing reforms and the EU integration process are increasing confidence in the stability of Serbian market and making it more attractive for Nordic business and investments, so Serbia is strongly encouraged to continue on this road”, said , H.E. Ambassador of the Republic of Finland to Belgrade, Pertti Ikonen

According to the data of the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, in 2015 the exchange with the Nordic countries reached € 510, 3 million and in the first six months of 2016 – €276, 1 million, which is indicative of the growth trend.

“Experience of the Nordic countries and companies, which are the global leaders in innovations, can significantly contribute to the business environment and stimulate competitiveness. Important laws have been announced in the field of ICT: Law on Electronic Communications, which would stimulate new regional business models, which is the subject of today’s conference, in a way that would equalise personal data transfer with the data transfer on traffic. Also expected is the Law on E-business, which should regulate electronic signature that would greatly simplify conclusion of contracts for citizens, without excessive costs and administration. Also, great investments are required in health and education sectors”, said Jasmina Vignjević, Chairwomen of the Board of Governors of the Nordic Alliance.

The Nordic Business Alliance is a non-profit organisation founded with the aim of becoming a platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences of the Nordic business community in Serbia. At this moment it has over 40 companies members operating in Serbia.


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