Swiss Embassy in Serbia Marks National Day – A Celebration of Unity and Diplomacy

The Embassy of Switzerland in Serbia recently marked the National Day of the Swiss Confederation 2023, celebrating the 732nd anniversary of the birth of the Swiss Confederation, a union that dates back more than seven centuries. The historic event was marked with a grand reception that mirrored the strength and unity built-in into Swiss identity

Presided over by H.E. Urs Schmid, the Ambassador of Switzerland in Serbia, the ceremony celebrated the signing of the alliance by the first three Swiss cantons – an event that established a nation grounded in common interests and shared values. To this day, the spirit of that initial pact remains at the core of Switzerland’s identity, underlining the principle that they are indeed stronger together.

The grand event attracted representatives from various societal and political spheres. In attendance were members of the Serbian Government, representatives of the Orthodox and Catholic Church in Serbia, foreign diplomatic missions in Serbia, as well as distinguished figures from the Swiss and Serbian business communities, media, and cultural sectors.

H.E. Mr. Urs Schmid, in his capacity as Ambassador, addressed the attendees during the official segment of the reception. The Ambassador seized the moment to recall the close relations that exist between Switzerland and Serbia, emphasizing the shared history and mutually beneficial partnerships that have been developed over the years.

As the formalities concluded, guests were treated to an authentic Swiss culinary experience. They had the opportunity to sample typical Swiss dishes and drinks, showcasing the rich diversity and uniqueness of Swiss gastronomy.

The Swiss National Day celebration in Serbia not only paid homage to the rich history and the shared values of the Swiss people but also served as a testament to the strong bilateral relations between Switzerland and Serbia. The occasion was a clear indication that, like the initial cantonal alliance, both nations understand the strength that lies in unity, cooperation, and shared interests.

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