Syed Adil Gilani new ambassador of Pakistan

Syed Adil Gilani is appointed new Pakistani ambassador to Serbia. He was born in 1944, and has B.E. (Civil) obtained 1966, from N.E.D. Engineering College, Karachi.

A Civil Engineer by Profession has experience of 51 years in Pakistan and Nigeria in Public/Private Sector Government of Sindh 1966-1970, North Estate of Nigeria 1970-1975, Gammon Pakistan Ltd 1979-1989, Karachi Port Trust Government of Pakistan 1989-2000, Project Management and Advisory Services since 2000. Member as Port Consultant of the Sub-Working Group on Ports & Shipping, Government of Pakistan for Five Year Plan 2005-2010. He is an anti-corruption expert and founder member of Transparency International Pakistan. Chairman since 2000 of TI Pakistan 2006-2011 and advisor from July 2011-2016. He served as Prime Minister’s Inspection Commission Consultant 2015 – 2017.

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