Symphony of beautiful architecture, business and music

Outdoor business gatherings are slowly, but cautiously, returning to our lives, accompanied by an obvious desire for the former normality to return to our working lives

Some forms of communication have been changed forever by COVID, while some courageous moves and the expansion of new forms of communication will make it impossible to return to pre-COVID times, which is actually very good for certain industries that have undergone exceptional advancement in a short space of time, which particularly applies to communications.

And what’s happening in the areas of construction and real estate, where recent news has been dominated by the topics of rising prices per square metre and the construction of new business and residential complexes?

Judging by the comments of the top investors on the market in our city, this is an area that has navigated the crisis quite securely. On the other hand, the question that arises is whether the same can be said of business activities in associated areas.

One of the positive indicators was Airport City’s promotion of its latest corporate film, which was attended by the very artists who were engaged to make the film for the needs of the investor and who created this film that’s unusual for real estate, surprising us once again.

“We are continuing our cooperation with the artistic and creative world, finding business interest in our communication code being aesthetically shaped, for us to enjoy creative exchanges with authors from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, but also to help them develop their talent. This sometimes comes through student projects, as was the case before COVID, but this time we decided to engage already affirmed artists and alumni of this college. The music featured in our video is a very interesting element that was composed by Filip Bulatović and represents a creative break from daily life. Filip’s sounds bring to our scene a breath of New York, where he proved his quality on the world’s most competitive jazz scene, while here he tried his hand at cooperating with the business world.

“We are considering new CSR ideas to implement through support for artists and architects because the trademark of our projects is beautiful architecture in the function of a better life and more beautiful urban environments,” noted communications adviser Marina Deleon.

According to Adir El Al, CEO AFI Europe Serbia, whom we asked about the plans of the company he heads, this renowned investor, is continuing its projects and an upcoming announcement of a new business venture can be expected. In the meantime, Airport City and Skyline are being constructed according to plan. Thus, ACB in addition to the existing 130.000 spread in 11 buildings, with a new building in progress would soon comprise about 150.000 square metres- with most of that space having already been leased. And downtown our Skyline AFI Tower will soon reach the 31st floor and the envisaged 40,000 square metres of this new business tower.

The AFI Europe Serbia CEO pointed out that the investors’ desire since it first established its presence in Belgrade was to create something completely new and different on the real estate market, to set new standards and stride forward in its field. And all of its investments to date have done just that, while in the process becoming symbols and landmarks of Belgrade, introducing a new business concept and shaping the parts of the city where they’re located.

“The size of our portfolio in Serbia, shows our confidence in the future of the market and our commitment to further investments and development,” noted Adir El Al.

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