Taste a new Harmony of Korean and Serbian Food

Embassy of the Republic of Korea and Iris restaurant hosted a special dinner to present the first-of-its-kind collaboration between the taste of Korean and Serbian cuisine.

On Tuesday, May 8th, Korean Embassy in Serbia and Iris restaurant hosted a special dinner, where guests had a chance to taste special 7 course menu developed by the chef from Korean Residence, Jina Kim and team of chefs from Iris restaurant. Distinguished guests from members of diplomatic corps in Serbia, from the spheres of Serbian government, culture, media, business and gastronomy took part in the event.

Throughout the course Korean-Serbian fusion dishes delicately made with the mix of Korean and Serbian ingredients were served and active questions and discussion on the new cuisines among guests were continued. Just to list a few, Djubek cheese with Korean mustard sauce, Korean Sarma with beef boned soup, Korean traditional cookies were highly welcomed. On top of that, each course was served with specially selected wines, liqueurs and cocktails from both Korea and Serbia, which amplified the unique taste of every dish.

As Korean cuisine is not yet widely known in this region, the creative collaboration with Serbian cuisine provided a unique experience both for Korean and Serbian people. “The ingredients and forms of Korean and Serbian food are very different to each other but it is surprising that we can easily find similarities in taste. I hope to see more active exploration and cooperation happening in the fields of food between the two countries.” H.E. Mr. Yoo Dae-jong, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea, said in his welcoming remarks.

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