Tatjana Vujović is the Student Prize winner

Tatjana Vujović, a student of third year of Faculty of Economics in Belgrade, received this year’s award of the French-Serbian Chamber of Commerce in the amount of 1,000 euros sponsored by Schneider Electric.

Mihalj Bakator, Ph.D. Candidate from the Technical Faculty “Mihailo Pupin” in Zrenjanin won the second prize of 800 Euros delivered by Elektrovat. The third prize and 600 euros of Enel PS sponsorship got Ana Nikolić, student of the third year of the Faculty of Physics in Belgrade. The five finalists presented their dissertations to the theme “Sustainable development in the digital age” before the jury. The winner Tatjana Vujović presented a bold thesis entitled “When the dream of immortality becomes a reality” in which she showed the model of sustainable development in the health sector, through the implementation of ERP software (e-health) and implementation of new pharmacy or ways of placing modern drugs on domestic market, registration of new drugs and the like. The works were also defended by Gordana Gligor, and the Anđela Arsović, first year student of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade.

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