“The Balkan Spy” (Balkanski Špijun) as you have never seen it! Acting legends in a charity play to help culture, you share – Mozzart donates

Dragan Bjelogrlić, Vesna Trivalić, Mima Karadžić, Gordan Kičić, Branka Katić, along with the host Zoran Kesić, are preparing a spectacle that will be broadcast on Mozzart’s YouTube channel on Christmas at 8 p.m.

„Falcon calling eagle, falcon calling eagle“, exclaims Dragan Bjelogrlić in the role of Ilija Čvorović. „Eagle fallen, eagle fallen“, Mima Karadžić answers like Djura. Vesna Trivalić in her role of Danica is constantly pontificating. All of these actors are part of the unprecedented line-up of Kovačević’s play “The Balkan Spy”. There is also Gordan Kičić as Petar Markov and Branka Katic as daughter Sonja. Via Zoom, Zoran Kesić will join the spectacle that the acting legends are preparing for Christmas in cooperation with Mozzart, produced by Spotlight. The charity play to help the Association of Dramatic Artists of Serbia (UDUS) will be broadcast on Mozart’s YouTube channel on January 7 at 8 pm, and it will be available for viewers to watch for the next 48 hours after the broadcast.

Culture in the age of coronavirus could be described by that famous sentence from “The Balkan Spy” – „If they remember me, they remember me“. It is our duty to help those culture workers who cannot work at full speed during the pandemic, nor continue to create iconic art. That is why it is very important that we all come together and help drama artists. During the first 24 hours of the broadcast, if you share the play, Mozzart will donate money to the UDUS’  Solidarity Fund. The more shares, the bigger the fund will be.

„This project brings me joy and I’m in a good company. We are all encountering this format of the play, via the Zoom application, for the first time. We will give the audience the opportunity to peek into our acting process. We would like to invite them to be with us while we do the reading of Duško Kovačević’s iconic drama „The Balkan Spy“. This is a really nice challenge for all of us. I hope that we will be able to help our colleagues who need assistance in these difficult times,“ Branka Katić pointed out.

The actors have waived their fees which are donated to the UDUS. The cast and Mozzart would like to invite everyone to share and participate in spreading beautiful energy and raising awareness of the state of culture affected by COVID.

„This is a phenomenal idea. I am extremely glad to be a part of this story and the fantastic team. We have the opportunity to unite and raise funds for the UDUS and our colleagues who are in a very unenviable position. I think that the play is coming at the right time since everyone will be at home on Christmas and will be able to help us spread the spirit of holidays and giving, so that together we can support drama artists. We are very grateful to Mozzart, which supports culture in the right way,“ Gordan Kičić added.

Each share generates new funds for the Solidarity Fund of the eminent Serbian cultural association.

„Throughout the year, we have been fighting against COVID and have donated more than a million euros to health care through various campaigns, in an effort to thank the medical staff. Now, we have devised a way to highlight the situation in which culture found itself amidst the pandemic. Some of our greatest actors responded; the legends that marked Serbian and ex-Yugoslav film industry, and we have put a play together for everyone who is alone in COVID hospitals, for people who take care of the sick at home, for parents who are balancing work/home life by working remotely… We want this humanitarian version of “The Balkan Spy” to make everyone laugh and at least for people to think only of beautiful things while they watch it. I would like to thank the actors for their time because without them none of this would be possible,” said Borjan Popović, Corporate Communications Director at Mozzart.

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