The Ball Corporation: Business model resilient to challenges and lack of certainty

Despite the pandemicoutbreak and a dramaticallychanging reality, Ball managed to produce solid first quarter results with indications of stable demand for our products in the future

Not everyone looks at aluminum packaging with the passion and purpose like the Ball Corporation does. We brought this commitment, know-how and wealth of experience to Serbia in 2005, when we opened our aluminum can manufacturing plant in Belgrade. This month, we are celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Serbian operation and all the successes we have achieved over this period.

From the early days, our plant in Belgrade has become the benchmark facility and one of the best performing sites globally within our corporation. The talents we have in Serbia and their achievements have been absolutely outstanding over the years. In 2015, the Ball leadership decided to open the Ball Global Business Services in Belgrade, covering and supporting our operations in several countries across the globe. This is an ultimate testimony to outstanding work of our colleagues in Belgrade and also to Serbia as an investment and business destination, where foreign investors requesting business enabled environment find a place to build and significantly grow their business in many different directions. Our plant in Belgrade represents the biggest US Greenfield investment in Serbia and is a strong symbol of how the two countries can successfully work together. Today, we are a team of 300 people in Serbia who produce over 2 billion cans annually for over 100 customers in 15 countries. 75 percent of our output is shipped outside of Serbia, contributing to the country’s exports and international trade balance.

Ball Packaging

Despite the pandemic outbreak and a dramatically changing reality, Ball managed to produce solid first quarter results with indications of stable demand for our products in the future. Our strategy and top priorities will remain focused on workplace safety, further improvements of the manufacturing process, as well as sustainability and advantages of aluminum packaging. Despite the volatile economic conditions and an uncertain outlook for the future, we remain committed to the business targets we have set and to our people, values and business principles. The Ball Corporation has been operating for over 140 years and we have built the business model and culture of resilience and agility ready to face the most colossal challenges and we strongly believe in a long-term success of our product.

The Ball Corporation has been operating for over 140 years and has built the business model and culture of resilience and agility ready to face the most colossal challenges

As our CEO, chairman, president and chief executive officer John A. Hayes, “Our company is humbled by the resiliency with which we are able to execute our strategy, maintain employment across global economies and give back to the communities where we operate.”

Branislav Savić, Plant Manager Ball Packaging Belgrade

“Evolution of our operations in Serbia, over the last 15 years, epitomizes what Ball as an organization stands for. We are committed to our people and they come first in everything we do. Thanks to them, we came a long way from a Greenfield investment to creating one of the most modern facilities. I cannot thank my colleagues enough for their energy, enthusiasm and results they achieve every day. During the pandemic, our people rose to the occasion and helped us deal with the disruption, while minimizing the negative effects and solving all the challenges that came along. Together with our supply chain, business partners and clients, we secured stable production and supply of our products. Since the beginning of the pandemic, our people adopted new behaviors that are of the greatest importance for the wellbeing of our employees, their families and the entire society. We have provided all necessary personal protection equipment (PPE), introduced all measures of social distancing and other protection measures.

From the start, the Ball Corporation in Serbia has been operating in full compliance with our global values and integrity of the organization. We have built our distinctive qualities and value proposal on the proximity and relationship with our customers, attention to smallest details, innovation and sense of ownership that is carried within each team member.

We will focus on each other and the safety of all team members. With equal attention, we will continue to do everything in our power to exceed our customers’ expectations.

The challenge ahead of us will be how to “bridge” the short-term uncertainty to the long-term opportunity. I know we can, and we will prevail,” said Branislav Savić, Plant Manager Ball Packaging Belgrade.

Nikola Narančić, Southeast Europe Sales Director


“Southeast Europe represents a very dynamic market, and the Ball Corporation is the leader in this region. We reached that position not by accident, but by constant efforts, advancement, and partner relations with our customers. Regardless of whether they are small producers or large multinationals, we share the same passion for a perfect product, perfect service, innovative and sustainable. In the past several months, we, together with our customers, have faced something that we did not plan even in the worst-case scenarios. The market reacted, total consumption was somewhat reduced, and regarding the summer season and the rest of the year, we have to be optimists. We expect improvements, in accordance with the several-year trend of increased consumer demand, which we have successfully responded to by increasing our capacities,” said Nikola Narančić, Southeast Europe Sales Director.

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