Nadežda Petrović – One Painter, 15 Photographers, 30 Works of Art

In November, an exhibition of contemporary interpretations of selected works by Nadežda Petrović was staged in the Officers’ Home in Niš

The guests were greeted by Duška Jovanić, author of the exhibition, Adriana Anastasov, member of the Niš City Council, Emilija Ćoćić Bilić, director of the Gallery of Contemporary Fine Art Niš and Robert Čoban, director of Color Media Communications.

The author of the exhibition is Duška Jovanić, a journalist, writer and producer of documentaries, series and exhibitions, and the exhibition includes contemporary interpretations of selected works of Nadežda Petrović from the collections of the National Museum of Serbia, the Memorial Collection of Pavel Beljanski and the Nadežda Petrović Čačak Art Gallery.

This is a kind of tribute to the famous painter, the progenitor of Serbian modernity, art critic and educator, and socially engaged woman, who provoked with her art, courage, feminist attitudes and political activism. She showed her humanity and patriotism as a war photographer and medic in the Balkan and Great Wars – say the people from the Gallery of Contemporary Fine Art in Niš.

The authors are art and fashion photographers: Marko Krunić, Monika Pavlović, Aleksandar Crnogorac, Branislav Brajan Rašić, Jakovi Simović, Vukica Mikača, Katarina Batuta Višekruna, Vuk Dapčević, Jasna Prolić, Miša Obradović, Vuk Vidor, Sever Zolak, Sanja Stefanović, Vladimir Milivojević Boogie, Nebojsa Babić.

The Gallery of Contemporary Fine Arts in Niš reminds us that this year marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of Nadežda Petrović.

Nadežda Petrović’s valuable contribution to art and culture, especially in the south of Serbia, is the First Yugoslav Art Colony founded in 1905 in Sićevo –  GCFA points out.

The exhibition is realized jointly by the Gallery of Contemporary Fine Art in Niš, Color Media Communications and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia. It will be open to the public until November 20.


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