The Foundation Stone of the German Company SCHOTT Pharma Was Laid in Jagodina

  • It is planned that 130 new jobs will be created with the start of production, while the plan is to create a total of 350 new jobs in the later stages.
  • SCHOTT Pharma products are used in the growing injectable drug market
  • With the support of the local authorities of the city of Jagodina and the Development Agency of Serbia, work on the project is progressing according to plans

On December 20, 2023, a ceremony was held in Jagodina to mark the beginning of work at the new production location of the German company SCHOTT Pharma, in the presence of company representatives, the German ambassador, and state, and local officials. The company announced the expansion of its global production network and the investment of a double-digit million euro amount in a new production location in the Pomoravsko region.

As a pioneer in the field of pharmaceutical containers and injectable drug administration systems, the company supplies the global pharmaceutical industry with high-quality solutions for the safe storage and administration of drugs. The new location in central Serbia is intended to produce ampoules suitable for the storage of injectable drugs such as painkillers, anti-inflammatory analgesics and anaesthetics. The start of preparatory work to produce ampoules is planned for 2024. It will be possible to produce other groups of products depending on market demand.

With this move, we are strengthening our presence in Southeast Europe and increasing production flexibility to meet the needs of our clients in the region,” said Andreas Reisse, CEO of SCHOTT Pharma.

We want to fill more than 130 jobs for the start of production, and we have been conducting job interviews since the beginning of October. We are currently filling the remaining vacancies in administration, sales, and production. We plan to employ a total of 350 people in the next few years,” said Denis Nikitin, director of the SCHOTT Pharma factory in Jagodina. “Anyone interested can apply to SCHOTT Pharma through the relevant employment portals.”

The Minister of Internal and Foreign Trade, Tomislav Momirović, during the ceremony of laying the foundation stone of the SCHOTT Pharma company, pointed out: “We are proud of the fact that today in Jagodina, in the CTPark industrial zone, a serious pharmaceutical company such as SCHOTT Pharma has started the construction of a new factory where it will be 350 jobs were created. Germany is the number one economic partner of Serbia, and we all know what it means for a country when companies from this country open their representative offices, factories, and production capacities in it. German companies are present in all vital sectors of the Serbian economy. On the other hand, due to its natural resources, economic structure, market size and technological connectivity, Serbia is an important partner of Germany in the region of Southeast Europe. More than 1,000 German companies that employ over 76,000 workers operate in Serbia, and this country is in first place in terms of investment value with 12.8% of the total value of foreign direct investments in Serbia,” said Minister Momirović.

Trade Minister Tomislav Momirović added that the Government managed to build a predictable business environment, and fair market conditions and ensure political and economic stability. “We see that foreign investors have confidence in Serbia and our market. Today, the unemployment rate in Serbia is at a historic low, we see stable economic growth and we are confidently moving towards the goal of making the average salary 1,400 euros by the end of 2027.”

The Minister of Economy, Slobodan Cvetković, also stated: “The greatest success and satisfaction of a Minister of Economy is to participate in the laying of the foundation stone during his working day. It is practically the first visible moment of the results of the work, and I think that everything that preceded this is much more significant.”

The Minister of Economy added that in the period since 2012, more than three hundred companies have invested in Serbia and that the value of the investments amounted to more than 32 billion euros, and last year alone more than 4.4 billion euros.

The Ministry of Economy, together with the Government of Serbia and the President of the State, created economic and infrastructural conditions for the arrival of foreign companies. Thus, thirteen foreign companies were installed in Jagodina. Every city would be proud to have a company like SCHOTT Pharma, which will employ 350 workers in Jagodina, which is a respectable number. In recent years, we have witnessed investment in road infrastructure, and Jagodina has used the potential of Corridor 10,” said Cvetković.

Thanks to the support provided to the company by local authorities, this pharmaceutical company is progressing according to plans.

The President of the Jagodina City Assembly, Dragan Marković Palma, during the laying of the foundation stone of the factory of the SCHOTT Pharma company in Jagodina, thanked for the trust that this company had placed in the city of Jagodina.

Jagodina is a proud city that such a large company is coming here, which will employ 350 workers in the coming period. The city of Jagodina will always have maximum logistics and support. Serbia is the safest country in the Balkans for investors,” said Marković on that occasion.

SCHOTT Pharma relies on global entrepreneurial success based on innovation and a hundred years of manufacturing expertise. SCHOTT Pharma operates in one of the most dynamic segments of the pharmaceutical industry, i.e. the market of injectable drugs. “Our parenteral drug storage containers and easy injectable drug administration systems ensure that drugs are safe and easy to use for patients around the world,” explains Nikitin. Headquartered in Mainz, Germany, SCHOTT Pharma is present in all major pharmaceutical centres around the world.

As part of a global production network in 14 countries, production will respect superior processes and advanced quality assurance.

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