The Greek Weekend

Under the auspices of the Greek Embassy in Belgrade, the Hellenic Business Association of Serbia, Greece Tourism Office, City of Belgrade, Tourist Organisation of Serbia and Tourist Organisation of Belgrade, “The Greek weekend” will be held on 14th and 15th May in Belgrade. This is a unique exhibition-festival event that is organised for the first time and which aims to promote Greek culture, music and cuisine in order to make network links and strengthen the traditionally good relations between Serbia and Greece.

greek weekend
“Greek-Serbian relations are based on solid foundations, established through long-standing historical ties between the two nations, which led joint battle and who have gone through similar experiences over the centuries. The dynamics of the Greek-Serbian relationship continues to evolve based on our close political, cultural and economic cooperation, as well as Greece’s firm support for Serbia’s integration into the common European family. Upcoming event illustrates the strong ties between the two friendly nations” – said Charalambos Kounalakis, Minister Plenipotentiary for Economic and Trade Relations of the Embassy of Greece at today’s press conference.

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